Since Haiti was under the leadership of Papa Doc and later Baby Doc, Papa Doc dynasties made Haiti one of the poorest, most oppressive, and brutal dictators.

But if Papa and Baby Docs dynasties sunk Haiti into the deepest abyss of poverty, misery, and brutality, Kenya is also sinking into a deep hole put there by Kenyatta, Moi, and Odinga dynasties that can only make Kenya poorer in the next half-century.

But if Kenyan dynasties will not save Kenya as they claim they will, nor will Ruto who is born, watered, and bred by the cohabitation of Moi, Kenyatta, and Kibaki dynasties with one of their hustlers that have made it by hook or crook to the apex of the kingdom of money, allowed as an insurance for the protection of dynasties.

Nor will Kenya be saved by President Uhuru’s rotational presidency which failed tragically in former Yugoslavia splitting into several ethnic states. Probably fueled by negative ethnicity and war, Kenya will dismember into similar ethnic states as in Yugoslavia.

Our only salvation is avoiding both ethnic dynasties and rotational presidencies and taking to State House the best person for Kenya from whatever community – big or small.

Shockingly in our search for leadership, we refuse to acknowledge that we are living in a jungle of sheep and lions, carnivores and herbivores, grass-eaters and meat eaters that do not want to have their peace, and freedom to eat herbivores disturbed.

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