Elgeyo Marakwet senator Kipchumba Murkomen is a troubled man after exposing that drones have been flying over his house. The firebrand senator trooped to twitter to announce the rare incident with the identity of the people behind the drones remaining a top-secret.

The senator, a close ally to deputy president William Ruto, made it clear that he is not shaken by the ‘threats’.

“To the person who has been sending drowns to hover over my house I have two requests. 1. Please share the beautiful aerial photos. 2. Come home through the main gate for a cup of tea but make sure you carry your mask. Thank you and God bless” Murkomen announced.


We could not verify Murkomen’s claims by the time this story was being published. In other countries, Kenya Included, drones are used to check for people who might not have the authorization to be in a certain area.

They can also check for vandalism, weather damage, and missing persons. They can watch for parking violations and even find missing or stolen property. Musicians have also used drones to shoot videos of their songs.


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