Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga has indirectly hit out at deputy president William Ruto accusing him of an attempt to frustrate the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) Process.

Raila said the proposed amendments present the best opportunity yet for the country to decisively deal with the challenge of gender representation which Ruto has been disputing.

“This is the most gender-sensitive amendment that is coming because women are going to be given an opportunity to run first,” Said  Raila.

Raila questioning the rationale of holding the referendum at the same with the general election, which already has six ballot papers including that of the MCA, MP, Woman Representative, Senator, Governor, and the President, saying it will present a major challenge for the electorate.

Speaking to Citizen TV recently, the deputy president opined it is possible to hold a general election together with a referendum as Kenyans well informed.


By Mwadime Iryne

Multimedia journalist

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