Arguably speaking for former premier Raila Odinga, Siaya Senator James Orengo recently told Anne Kiguta of K24’s Punchline that Odinga was right to have “betrayed” his 2017 supporters after his truce with president Uhuru Kenyatta.

In fact, Mr Orengo drew the journalist’s attention to the war and profiteering in South Sudan. He reminded her that that war is not what anyone would recommend for his or her country.

Look, Orengo was right! May be Ms Kiguta, was putting Mr Orengo to task on this because of misinformation or something!

Folks, nothing that happens in the face of this earth is new. Almost everything is a repetition. Yes, Odinga supporters were killed by a rogue police force. The bloodshed was widespread with innocent children as little as 6-month-old Baby Pendo having to be buried.

A youth interred in Muhoroni after being beaten and dragged on the street before being killed in Muthurwa Nairobi by then infamous ‘Business Community’. Some lieutenants of the Resist movement like Miguna Miguna being forcefully exiled to date.

You all know that President Kenyatta, Interior Cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i and former Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett were at the center of all these.

But then it should not be lost on anyone that every minute of our lives, whether in peace or war, we are actually struggling to afford a living. And that peace will always be the better option, anytime.

In 1994, in a not faraway country of Rwanda, a holocaust happened. There will never be a better documentation of what happened during that war than the way Immaculee` Ilibagiza, a Tutsi, did it in his autobiography, Left to Tell: Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust.

Ilibagiza’s father, mother and two brothers were killed by the machete wielding Hutu Interahamwe militia. For their family, only her and one brother (who was a way in Senegal at the time) survived.

In the memoir, she recalls how a Hutu pastor hidden them in a 3 by 4ft bathroom behind her wardrobe. With prayer, Ilibagiza and 7 other women in the room, stayed in the room for 91 days. For the entire period in confinement, getting food depended on the benevolence of the pastor. There was war everywhere.

The genocide which targeted the Tutsi, moderate Hutu and the minority Kwa is believed to have been instigated by the assassination of the then president and dictator Juve`nal Habyrimana, a Hutu by tribe, while he was on a return trip from Tanzania. Hutus organized the mass murder.

But in Left to Tell, Ilibagiza recounts how she accepted what happened, forgiven and shown compassion to the murderers of her family. Today, she is an acclaimed author and motivational speaker in the United States. And President Paul Kagame of the Rwanda People’s Front, who had rescued the country from war is serving a very progressive country as president.

In Nigeria, author of There was a country, Chinua Achebe, narrates how every cessation attempt into Biafra had been thwarted, of course at the expense of the proponents of the idea – himself included. “There was blood, blood everywhere,” he writes.

You must also not have forgotten that before the March 9 2018 compromise by Mr Odinga at Harambee House Annex, calls for some sections of the country to secede had been rife – especially with the People’s Assemblies.

What do you learn from Rwanda, Nigeria and the Mr Odinga’s truce with his erstwhile enemy Mr Kenyatta?

Simple: Rogue politicians will continue bulldozing their competitors. Death is not something they fear; everybody dies once after all. If not with your God like was Ilibagiza, then you are on your own. To reiterate, every moment of your life is a struggle.

You wouldn’t recommend Itarahamwe or Business community fro Kenya, would you?



By Aganado Syah

Multimedia journalist

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