Listeners of Milele Fm are confused lately after the station’s management switched key show hosts.

According to the Kijabe Street-based media station, the changes aim at keeping the business afloat, the huge talents at stake notwithstanding.

“There was no chemistry between MCA Tricky and Alex Mwakideu,” an inside-source confided in The 47 Reporters.

The morning program that was hosted by Alex Mwakideu and comedian MCA Tricky was reorganized, with Jacquey Nyaminde alias Wilbroda stepping in. Alex now hosts the Milele Asubuhi show with Wilboroda. Before joining Milele FM, Wilboroda hosted Jambo Kenya, a breakfast show at rival Radio Citizen with Francis Luchivya and Inspecta Mwala.

Mercy Mbone’s mid-morning show remains intact. MCA Tricky, who had earlier on been poached from Radio Maisha, now co-hosts with Chris Da Bass.

But what has surprised media analysts is the decision to combine Diana Tangut famously known as Dee Presenter 001 with comedian Otoyo and Swahili’s finest Ankali Ray. Their program runs from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Milele FM’s Drive show, previously hosted by Dee and Otoyo has been reshuffled; with Chris Da Bas and Comedian Tricky taking over.

Francis Luchivya has been left lonely at the evening program that runs to midnight. Perhaps this is to replicate what happens with Radio Citizen’s Good Evening Kenya program, where Kamau Wamunywa alias Jina Kubwa has been, for a decade now, hosting the program alone.

It is not the first time Milele FM is making changes to its programs. In 2019, the entry of Joyce Geturo, Alex Mwakideu, Francis Luchivya, and comedians Wilboroda and Jalang’o forced the management to make changes with the big talents at hand.

Luchivya and Nyaminde, who started hosting the Drive show, were pushed to the late-night program as presenter Dee 001 took over.

An altercation at the Media Max-owned station in the same year is reported to have forced Titi Nagwala, now out, to go off air for a while as Dee stepped in for his Rumba Oxygen program.

Titi later came back, but his stay at the DSM Place was short-lived after the management of Media Max decided to terminate contracts of more than 50 journalists. Titi and Jalang’o were among the casualties.  The Rumba Oxygen Program was taken off air as Luchivya and Wilbroda program replaced it.

By Jennifer Kerubo

Multimedia journalist

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