Kenya has recorded 30 more covid19 cases raising the total number of corona cases to 465. Two of the first cases in Bungoma are truck drivers who traveled to Bungoma. Bungoma becomes the latest county to record its first case. 19 are from Mombasa, 9 from Nairobi with two being from Bungoma.

Health CAS Dr Rashid Aman on Sunday said 15 patients have left the hospital after fully recovering from the disease, 2 patients have lost their lives in Mombasa.

Mr Aman noted gains achieved are owed to those who continue to observe measures.

“Some eateries are not observing social distancing and are working into curfew hours” Said Dr Aman

With Mombasa and Nairobi emerging as the country’s epicenter for the pandemic, Dr Aman said the government is closely monitoring how things are unfolding and will take more precautionary measures to stop the spread of the deadly virus.


With the new figures announced today, the government is still searching for people that escaped from a quarantine facility in Nairobi’s Kenya Medical training college.

There is anxiety on whether the escapees were positive for the disease thus risking the live s of those they will interact with.

“We know you and we will find you,” Said President Kenyatta, adding that the escapees were putting the lives of others at risk.

Those in quarantine have been complaining of poor conditions with the government insisting that they have/ are working on the matter

Mass Testing

Acting director general of Medical services Dr Patrick Amoth on Saturday warned that the numbers of positive cases will surge in coming days after the government rolled out a mass testing exercise.

Dr Aman while announcing the new cases on Sunday urged Kenyans to turn out for mass testing as the exercise is free.

The exercise kicked on Friday in Nairobi and Mombasa Counties. Low number have been experienced in Mombasa Counties with the area Governor, Ali Hassan Joho, asking residents to turn up before the government forces them.

On Saturday, 131 Mombasa residents’ people showed up for the exercise. Muslim Faithfuls in Mombasa said the testing process affects one’s saum (Muslim Fasting), which leads to fear among the Faithfuls


As of today, no cure of corona has been found with the World Health Organization warning countries that have already announced the antidote for the deadly virus.

Madagascar’s president Andry Rajoelina announced his country has found the medication which was made from herbs. Mr Rajoelina said his country is willing to distribute the “Cure” to other countries.

Senegal was the first country to adopt it with the latest country being Tanzania. On Sunday, President John Magufuli said his country is sending a plane to Madagascar to collect some of the herbal tonic the Madagascar President Rajoelina recently claimed could “prevent & cure Covid19.”





By By Mercy Mueni

Multimedia journalist