Botswana’s newly appointed 30 year old minister Bogolo Joy Kenewendo is being celebrated across Africa by netizens thanks to her brains and looks. Bogolo will be the county’s Investment, Trade and Industry Minister after being sworn in days ago.

The beauty with Bogolo’s appointment is that it is not an affirmative action but rather an opportunity awarded to a well-qualified and well deserving young person. Bogolo has a BA in Economics & MSc International Economics, and has previously worked as a trade economist in the Ministry of Trade and Industry in the Government of Ghana.

Now let’s shift our focus to a beautiful country in the heart of East Africa called Kenya which has equally qualified young people who only dream of an opportunity such as that of Bogolo Kenewendo.

Despite a majority of the population being young and educated, we are still recycling aging leaders who are evidently tired and who rightfully deserve to be somewhere in a ranch relaxing and having a good time telling stories of the precolonial era to their curious great grandchildren.

My random thoughts on one of the reasons why we are still having challenges with national cohesion and integration is perhaps because we have burdened the responsibilities of the commission in charge of this, to a man who any right thinking person would want to send on retirement.

But why do we still have these old folks clinging on to their respective offices? Could it be out good will? Could it be that young people have not presented and positioned themselves as reliable and dependable enough to hold senior positions?

The youngest Cabinet Secretary in Kenya, his age not important for now, is Rashid Echesa, in charge of sports. He is alleged to be a class seven dropout who cannot specify the schools he attended. Does this guy know how to write a report? Does he know how to write a speech? Folks did you see the guy cannot even express himself in English during his vetting apart from normal jargons like, Basically, you know,,,, Mr. speaker, which raises the question who bewitched us?.

And by the way someone should tell waziri Echesa that use of words like ‘basically’ will not make him sound a minister at all. Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi is another ‘Sick’ case.
In support of Echesa’s appointment, the youthful MP said the CS will perform better as compared to those who have been in the ministry for a long time, “speaking too much English but their record is negative. “Said Sudi. Dear Kenyans, this same Mp has fake academic papers as his friend waziri wa michezo Rashid Echesa.

An investigation by EACC years back revealed Sudi has fake academic papers which he presented to the electoral commission to get nominations in the 2013 general elections
There are many other young leaders who have gotten the rare opportunity to represent the dreams and aspirations of millions of young people but have ended being an embarrassment, a joke and total shame.

I mean, haven’t we seen brawls being exchanged in parliament? I know there are few young leaders like Nairobi senator Johnson sakaja who have mostly showed exemplary leadership but a sizable number of those privileged to get the scarce opportunities are engaging in useless theatrics that only dim the light for other young people who look up to them.

Are we short of reliable and equally qualified young leaders or is it that our youth don’t deserve to be in office yet or are they only justified to be in offices like wizara ya michezo?

By Henix

Multimedia journalist

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