Ignorant Kenyans are often very quick to label smart-working Kenyans as thieves or ‘Illuminati’, especially when they fail to understand the source of your wealth.

Well, you must have heard about Academic Research Writing; a field that many jobless Kenyan graduates have found solace.

Here, you only need a brain, computer, and internet connectivity and then boom, money starts flowing and so ‘illuminati’ you become.

One writer Caleb Machunga took to Facebook Tuesday to encourage fellow writers that a laptop can not only pay bills but also build decent houses and buy cars.

“In the spirit of encouraging others on what writing has done to some of us: You see, the laptop right there brought everything in this picture into being.

It built my mama that house, bought the two cars, built my ka mansion (behind me in the photo), and erected that perimeter wall,” Machunga explained.

He went on to say that in just a few years past, even a semi-permanent toilet would not be erected in their compound due to lack of finances.

“I will even feel ashamed to post a photo of the mud house that we grew up in. In short, I cannot even state the intensity of what writing has done to some of us who grew up as poor as f*,” he said.

Commentators hailed Machunga for the mighty strides he has made thanks to ‘the power of the laptop’, with some taking it as a challenge upon themselves and posting their achievements in tow. Most of which being ongoing construction works and cars.

A witty commentator Patrick David said, “hope the villagers are not accusing you of being a thief or Illuminati, now that it may be hard for them to understand the keyboard hustle.”

McOkelo Koks reported how he hopelessly operated a bodaboda upcountry despite being a graduate. His breakthrough, however, he said, came upon joining the writing industry in late 2018.

“I remember buying my car in May 2020 and I did not even know how to drive. Funny, right? As for shamba, tayari nimenunua nne. Kujenga nyumba iko in progress,” Koks reported.

Rhino Marx said that the writing industry is a tough one, the prospective fruits notwithstanding.

“Accept to lose a lot of your free time. Dive deep into the hustle and forget the world. Have a positive attitude and be a man of integrity,” Marx reacted.

The academic writing trade involving bidding for and writing academic papers for students abroad at a fee. They can be undergraduate or postgraduate.

Writers work from home and people who are accustomed to the tradition of people making money by working in big offices or in the field do not really understand how. Some writers have been suspected to be thieves.

On the other hand, though, the business is considered academic fraud. A past media investigation unearthed that Oxford University professors had their dissertations written in Nairobi by jobless graduates. But who are Kenyans and their hustling spirit?

By Aganado Syah

Multimedia journalist

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