Senators now what a probe to be conducted on the popular video app TikTok for violating the rights of its users by sharing private information to unknown influential people. The senators have argued many social media users have joined installed the application without prior knowledge.

Nominated senator Isaac Mwaura on Thursday,17 September told his colleagues in the senate that concerns have been raised in other countries over the app, asking the interior ministry to investigate its interest in the Kenyan Market.

Nominated Senator Falhada Dekow Iman asked the standing committee for Information and Technology to come up with policies and legal framework to ensure the safe usage of the application and protect the data of Kenyans on TikTok.

Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei told senators he came to know of the app after he came across a video of TikTok sensational Azziad Nasenya. “I knew of a song called nikikupea utawezana by one of the users, through TikTok”. Said Cherargei adding that if indeed the allegations were true, there was a reason for someone to be worried. Nasenya came to the limelight through her videos shared on TikTok

By By Mercy Mueni

Multimedia journalist

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