Maridady Motors Ltd has distanced itself from speculations that president Uhuru Kenyatta’s look-alike, Micheal Njogo Gitonga, was conned in a car deal involving the company.

The company’s CEO identified as Sir Eric, took to Facebook to announce Njogo shall receive the car after undergoing a two weeks counseling organized by his company.

I am delighted that Njogo has expressed his commitment to attending the training for two weeks. I can promise here that we are committing to the medium-term process of attempting to move his status.

The company has similarly ruled out a notion it is interested in public relations stunts aimed at saving face.

As a trained psychologist, I can see the gap on whether he will be able to manage this gift at the moment. I appreciate the many questions and concerns that many of you have asked about our move on different platforms.

This comes hours after two videos of Njega circulated on social media.

In one video, Njenga is seen at the company’s headquarters, dressed in a suit, accepting the gift from Maridady Motors. A second video by the President’s look alike at his Umoja home denies ever receiving the car.

Fellow Kenyans hii kitu wanasema nimepewa gari ni uongo tupu, watu waache kudanganyana, ongea ukweli yenye iko

By By Mercy Mueni

Multimedia journalist

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