When you look into a mirror, the resultant image is exactly that of the object before it. Literature, they say, is the mirror of the society.

The society is currently grappling with socio-economic challenges especially when talking of love-relationships and marriage. And deaths by suicide have become rampant.It seems that someone is breaking the heart of another every minute of our lives.

Some commentators opine that there are no more shred of love in relationships and that marriages are formations of convenience.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), one person is committing suicide every 40 seconds and love matters have been largely blamed for the trend, amongst youth in their 20s.

The current crop of Luo-Ohangla musicians have waded into this subject matter, great lessons abound.

Interestingly, they are awake to the realities and are basically embracing arbitration and divine interventions for collapsing relationships.

Most importantly, they are out to remind the masses that no collapsing relationship is worth a kidney of either party. The mantra is, ukiwachwa, wachika (If you are heartbroken, move on).

The musicians include Prince Indah (Evans Ochieng), Musa Jakadala (Moses Ochieng) and Fredy Jakadongo (Fredrick Odiwuor).

Prince Indah is the CEO of Malaika Ohangla Rhumba band

In his Kwach ogolo koke hit, the young Prince Indah bemoans how his mother is incessantly asking about the whereabouts of her daughter-in-law; a woman that the singer has fallen out with at the moment. As such, the persona can only weep about it.

Mama ne penjo gokinyi ni kare chi wuoda ere? Duoko otama aum a uma pii wang’a emamol (My mother is asking each morning about the whereabouts of her daughter-in-law. I have no solid answer and can only weep about it).”

In the wake of this agonizing relationship, the musician has quick suggestions though. He believes arbitration can help matters.

Aleko nabiro yo gweng’u abiro manyi. Uluong jodongo wabed piny walos weche. Kabura oloyo jathum tiwena aweya nanyuomi diriyi (I dreamt that I came to your parents’ place. You call the elders so that we can sit and align things. If found on the wrong, please forgive me, I will pay dowry a second time),” goes the lyrics.

However, the musician is very much aware of the economic difficulties that would accompany his wish to marry twice.

“If I won’t manage the dowry price, my friend shall bail me out,” he quips.

For Musa Jakadala, his relationship with his lover has soared badly. All he can do is leave it to God the almighty.

In his latest song release, Sina Shida, he has realized that her girlfriend is in another relationship, with a wedding in the offing.


Musa Jakadala

So what action is the poor Jakadala taking? Is he going to cause any drama? No.

Bebi kiyudo hera manyocha imanyo, udag adaga, sina shida na wewe…alamoni nyasaye oriti. An bende lamna maber ayude mara mohera (Baby if you have finally found the kind of love that you have been looking for then just live, I have no problem with you…I am asking God to protect you. Also, pray for me too, so that I find a woman who loves me back).

‘Live the life that you have chosen’ is Fredy Jakadongo’s resolution. His wife has exited his life because he is a poor man. Besides, the ex-wife had listened to gossip and accused him of infidelity.

Negisemi na onge mwandu…nahero chode, iwinjogi toto. Niweya naonge mwandu talemoni nyamara. Alemoni nidage ngima miyiero (They lied to you that I am not rich…that I am a cheat, and you listened to them. You left me because I am poor, lady of my in-laws. I am praying to you to live the life of your own choice).”

Fredy Jakadongo

The song continues, “An agonyi thuolo kalamoni ngima idage ngima miyiero. Ex na ema alemone odage ngima moyiero. To kik iyude jachode kaka jakadongo. Agombo niyude father mosiko mana e kanisa…gi muma (I am letting you free and praying you find a good life. I am praying for my ex-wife to live the life she has chosen. Please do not meet a liar like myself. How I wish you meet a (catholic) father who shall forever stay in church and with a Bible).”


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