A form three student of Nyang’ori High School in Vihiga county has reportedly killed a security officer in the school using a sharp-pointed stick.

A source privy to the ongoings at the school has told 47 reporters that there is panic at the school with normal learning Interrupted.

The student reportedly attacked and wounded the guard last night. He was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital (name withheld)

According to the source, the student was making noise in the dormitory and refused to heed his colleagues’ request for him to keep quiet.

“He defied his colleagues’ plea and threatened to harm all of them, It is then that the guard came to intervene”

The indisciplined student attacked the guard, snatched his stick, broke it into two, and used the sharp end to spear his neck and eyes.


More to follow….

By News Team

Multimedia journalist

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