We are in 2019 and the construction of a wall along the 708 kilometer Kenya-Somalia border has only gone 10 kilometers, four years later.

Another development is that officials who have been in-charge have brewed a scandal worth Ksh3.4 billion.

Needless talking of a wall, a chain-link and a barbed wire fence has been erected at the said border. This should sound funny because the initial plan was to have a complex wall consisting of concrete barriers, ditches, fences and observation posts with CCTV installations, the ultimate goal being to beef homeland security, especially in the wake of sporadic terror attacks in Kenya by the Somalia-based Al Shabaab.

We may not be good at the Mathematics of If and Therefore so let’s only imagine it in our heads. If 4 years is equal to 10Km, Therefore the remaining 698 Km is equal to what? If 10Km is equal to Ksh3.4 B, Therefore the remaining 698 Km is equal to what amount of money to be plundered? Folks, the answers may not come now.

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale, believed to be speaking the mind of Jubilee administration, has vowed never to allow “a few individuals” to take advantage of the insecurity situation to loot from public coffers, thus together with his colleague legislators, blocking allocation of any more funds for the project.

Parliament’s standpoint is opposed to that of the House Committee on Defence and Foreign Relations. The committee, led by its Chairperson Katoo Ole Metito, wants government to channel a comprehensive budget and continue the project, stressing that the purpose of the wall is to have coordinated, controlled, and documented access point, and not to stop the war emanating from the turbulent country in the horn. Reports also indicate that the committee was facilitated by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) to compile the report which they tabled in Bunge.

The 47 Reporters would dare say that the best place to keep the committee report is in the dustbin. Dustbins are so many in the precincts of parliament. Kenyans labor a lot to pay taxes and the only appreciation government can give them is to prudently utilize their taxes, onto projects that add value to their lives.

As such parliament’s decision is welcome. But contrary to Duale and his people who are calling for investigations into the scandal our unadulterated position is that the construction work should be halted being one of the most stupid projects under UhuRuto regime. Kenyans deserve an apology for the Ksh3.4 B already in question, if not prosecuting the shameless thieves behind this fiasco.

A plier is a simple farm tool. It is the small thing an Al Shabaab militant would require to cut the fence and majestically tread onto Kenyan soil and cause irreparable damages like it was in a quarry in Mandera, Westgate, Garissa University and recently at Dusit D2 in Nairobi.

Government ought to invest in intelligence gathering instead. A plier costs a few hundred of shillings, not billions. Moreover, several investigative exposes` have revealed that Al shabaab are living inside Kenya.

By Henix

Multimedia journalist

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