By Josiah Odanga

Deputy President William Ruto has downplayed claims that he should also be investigated in the dams scandal.

Rebutting at the close of the sixth Devolution Conference in Kirinyaga County Thursday, Ruto reminded his accusers that construction of dams was part of the Jubilee manifesto.

Using the analogy of a herdsman, he asked how a herdsman would fail to have interest in his herds.

He added: “The question I am being asked is like a hyena asking a herdsman what is the interest in your herd. As the Deputy President I would be reckless if I didn’t pay attention to the numbers.”

The war of words against Ruto began immediately when the 2022 presidential hopeful claimed the only money lost in the Arror and Kimwarer dams scandal was Sh7 billion and not Sh21 billion, as was projected by investigators.

But the war climaxed yesterday when Opposition leader Raila Odinga indicated that the DP could be “the thief” who should be investigated.

“If we are talking about the theft in dams project, don’t come and tell us it was not sh 21 billion, it was only sh 7 billion. Let the investigating authorities complete their investigation. Who are you to tell us? How did you know?”

While the DP cautioned individuals against politicking the war against graft, amidst mild applause by the audience, he likened his current competitor to the same one whom he defeated in 2017.

“You accused your past competitor of stealing money for Euro-bond, now you are accusing your future competitor to have stolen money for the dams,” he said.

“You are the ugly face of impunity; you have no legitimacy to lecture anyone,” Ruto fired to Raila, reminding the latter to take his evidence to the Director of Criminal investigations and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.

Political pundits have in the recent past framed Ruto as a besieged man, considering his desire to occupy the House on the Hill come 2022, and the seemingly unending corruption cases where his ‘footprints’ can be seen.

By Henix

Multimedia journalist

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