I rarely write on entertainment issues. Nonetheless, today, let me put my thoughts together and acknowledge that music of the Gengetone genre is what a lot of people had been yearning for. Gengetone would have come at a better time.

As such, our moral police; him of the Kenya Films and Classification Board Ezekiel Mutua should stop his criticism of Gengetone artistes. Instead, let him sit down, relax, and embrace the new order of things.

Many of us will agree with the fact that our radio stations have given enough airplay to Gengetone music. Ever asked why? Answer: “It is what it is (insert minister Mutai Kagwe’s voice – iriz whar iriz)”.

I never realized Kenyans had finally found their tune until recently when I listened to the ‘Ndoto’ song by gospel artist Bahati featuring Mbogi Genje.

Honestly, I would give the song 8/10, save for a few scenes in the video that would confuse my old man in the village. Bahati must have realized the statement the group has made in the previous days to feature them, regardless of the content in their lyrics and lifestyle.

For your information, singer Willy Paul is not on good terms with his management after the latter refused to allow him to do a collabo with Mbogi genje. Willy Paul trooped to social media to express his displeasure over what he termed as looking down upon other artists by his management.

Inside a Matatu a month ago, a song by Mbogi Genje, ‘Kidungi’ engulfed the air. Nearly all passengers, myself included, started to discuss what the lyrics meant.

But wait, what does, “Jaribu mbogi ujue si dikwara” mean?

Away from that, I greatly feel that Mbogi Genje and the entire Gengetone cabal should be given a state commendation for coiling a tune that captures the ears of most music listeners.

I wouldn’t mention how high school kids in my hood are warming up to this vibe. Makes me wonder whether songs by Rose Muhando, Size 8, and Kidum will exist in a few years to come.

Dear Ezekiel Mutua, bashing upcoming artists who you don’t understand what they sing is not the right approach. Sir, sit down with them and learn the new language in town. From there, you can start mentoring them on how to improve their game. And this is if, and only if, you find a problem with them after such a dialogue.

I mean, there is a generational gap between them (Gengetone) and you who crave Rumba and quiet librettos. However, that does not give us the audacity to discredit them.

For your information, the content of songs by Kofi Olomide, Madillu system, and the likes are so close to what Mbogi Genje are singing, only that the former never used deep vulgar words. Obscenity in music did not start with Gengetone.

And for heaven’s sake, there is a gospel genre for ‘morally upright people’ like you. Secular music is secular, not gospel. The minds of these children of Eve and Adam want to hear the ‘dirt’ in Gengetone.

Dear Ezekiel Mutua, Gengetone is a replica of what Nigerians sang, only that they made it better by localizing it and curating the content a new. Mentor them, motivate them, and above all, pray for them as you always do. Equally, be liberal enough to be educated by them.


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