Kapsaret member of parliament Oscar Sudi has weighed into the ongoing debate regarding Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA).

According to Sudi, all the personal protective equipment (PPEs) that Kenya received from donors were repackaged and sold to other countries.

“kama kampuni kama SIWALA, BEN LIMITED na OLBIS haitakua hapo,msishtaki mtu” revealed Sudi hinting that the three companies largely benefited from KEMSA.

Regarding problems bedeviling KEMSA CEO Jonah Manjari, the deputy president William Ruto’s ally blamed Manjari for allowing people to control him.
“And I want to blame you Manjari, how do you take instructions from somebody” Lamented Sudi concluding that the CEO should carry his cross.

Portraying a picture of how jubilee’s deputy chair David Murathe is powerful, the Kapsaret legislator hinted that all tenders regarding COVID19 are controlled by Murathe.

‘Murathe alikuwa broke Miaka tatu ilipita, alikuwa bankrupt,saizi amejaza mandazi kwa mdomo yake” The firebrand member of the parliament revealed what many people don’t know.

“Na wacha nikuambie, saizi ndio upate contract, lazima upige magoti kwa murathe,” said Sudi wondering how powerful Murathe is.

Speaking to Citizen Tv On Tuesday evening, the jubilee party chair denied any involvement in the KEMSA heist asking relevant agencies to expedite investigations to bring to book all the people behind the alleged theft.Sudi was speaking in Eldoret alongside Kimilili member of parliament Didmus Barasa who asked Kenyans to forgive him for associating with Murathe.

“I will go to the elders with a black sheep to slaughter so that I can be cleansed after associating with him (Murathe) ” Said Baraza

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