The current dispute on whether to amend the constitution through a referendum has raised bile among politicians and Kenyans in equal measure.

A section of Kenyans is in a state of limbo with some riding on false narratives spewed by leaders whose aim is to pull the rope to their side

Mariam Wanjiku (not her real name) a resident of Kayole says she does not see the need for a referendum as most Kenyans do not comprehend its ingredients.

“Having a referendum will not address the concerns of a normal citizen as the issue is already politicized. I urge Kenyans to read what BBI entails and everything that is contained in the document to make informed decisions.”

Daisy Amdany, the Executive Director at Community Advocacy and Awareness Trust, notes that for the country to grow, the government has to be expanded. However, according to her, no Kenyan has come up with such a proposal.

“Kenyans are currently facing a lot of problems and they are trying to make ends meet. Therefore, I don’t think the referendum bothers them.”

Daisy opines the government has not effectively used taxes collected from Kenyans. She says that even with the referendum and the BBI in place, corruption loopholes will not be sealed, as leaders will likely benefit.

Keith Masese a resident of Kajiado County is a proponent of the same thought. The youthful Kenyan believes his counterparts will not benefit from the BBI as it is meant to help politicians who, according to him, are taking advantage of Kenyans.

“I went through the BBI draft, I did not see any benefits. They did not address the issue of unemployment in the country” Says Masese insisting the BBI document focuses on political issues rather than economic ones.

But Gloria Orwoba, the Country Coordinator Global Youth Parliament for Kenya, believes Kenya failed from the beginning by sidelining the youths.

“We cannot afford to talk about the BBI at a time when we can’t even afford to take care of our health care system with the budget that we have.”

The country coordinator is certain the economic predicaments brought by Covid19 do not allow such to happen.

“At the moment, there is no space for the country to hold a referendum, we should try focusing on the young constitution we have.”

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By By Nthambi Kiilu

Multimedia journalist

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