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Kenyans will enjoy cheaper electricity starting next month thanks to a tariff review that has cut costs by up to 82%.
While unveiling the new power tariff in Nairobi on Monday, Energy Regulatory Commission Director General Pavel Oimeke said the government has scrapped a monthly fixed charge of Ksh 150 for low-cost consumers whose number is an estimated 3.6 million.
”The Domestic Consumer Lifeline Tariff, which is meant to cushion low-income households whose consumption does not exceed 10 units per billing period, will reduce by between 36 to 82%,’ Oimeke said.
Commercial and industrial customers will get a reduction of 4.4% on average. This is in addition to the 50% discount in the time of use tariffs.
With the new tariff, the overall cost of power reduces from Ksh 17.87/KWh to Ksh 16.64.
ERC announced the simpler billing system earlier in July, during a public hearing on the harmonization of retail tariffs.
Consumers using 15Kwh paid a fixed charge of Ksh 150 in addition to Ksh 37.50 where a unit of power costs Ksh 2.50. Under the new system, they will pay Ksh 180 where a unit of power costs Ksh 12. This is in addition to the additional tax imposed.
Kenyans whose energy limit ranges between 16-50 kWh per month will cough up more money to the power distributor.
Under the Domestic Ordinary tariff, a consumer using 50 units per month will be charged Ksh 16.50 per unit as compared to the previous tariff cost of Ksh 2.50 per unit plus the Ksh150.

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