In what appears to be a blow on media freedom in Kenya, the high court on Tuesday ordered the Nation Media group to pull down an expose on Covid19 Milinaores from all its social media platforms until a case before it is determined.

Megascope limited CEO Richard Ngatia weeks ago filed a libel case at the high court citing relying on information from untrustworthy people.

Seemingly, Ngatia referred to National Action Against Corruption Director Gordwins Agutu whose integrity has been a bone of contention.

“It’s very bad how NTV associated with the fellow to destroy people’s businesses. The matter is already in court and you’ll come to know about it soon,” Ngatia told Citizen Radio in an interview in Match

Megascope argued the investigative piece by Journalist Dennis Okari failed to show proof that the company was directly involved in the stealing of the kits from the Jack MA donation.

However, Mr. Ogutu said all facts are intact terming Megascope threats as mere theatrics meant to sway the public.


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