Deputy President William Ruto has urged senators to find an amicable solution regarding the ongoing revenue standoff at the Senate

“The ongoing revenue formula debate is unnecessarily divisive. The Constitution envisages fair and equitable sharing of all our resources. The legislature MUST as per its MANDATE structure a WIN-WIN formula that is sensitive to proposals made without hurting any county. “

Senators will meet on Tuesday in a fifth push to pass the new formula proposed by the Commission of Revenue Allocation on how counties should share the Sh316 billion from the national government.

The star Newspaper reported that orange democratic leader Raila Odinga prefers a gradual implementation of the new formula. He believes the changes might have huge political ramifications for their party if approved on Tuesday.

According to Raila’s camp, the proposed sharing formula would dramatically neutralize Raila’s influence in his traditional support turfs and improve Ruto’s fortunes.


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