Global professional services firm Fragomen this week celebrated 5 years of operation in Kenya as it continues to entrench its position as a trusted immigration services firm in the market.
At a colourful event to celebrate the milestone at a Nairobi hotel, Managing Partner of Fragomen practices in the Middle East and Africa Murtaza Khan said the Nairobi office has been pivotal in enabling them to steadily grow their regional footprint which has in turn enabled them to better serve their clients in all the Eastern African countries.

“Fragomen maintains a strong presence in East Africa thanks to the commitment by our regional centre in Nairobi to support the needs of our clients in an important growth region for many businesses. Fragomen’s value proposition to our clients is our commitment to serve them in their markets, solving often complex immigration issues and enabling speedy and compliant deployment of their employees.” said Mr Khan.

He also credited their growth to the strategic guidance and deployment of world class technologies that in turn have enabled them to stay ahead of the curve by offering unmatched immigration services in the ever evolving immigration landscapes.

“We use sophisticated technology systems to manage immigration programs for our clients and, ultimately, we ensure companies are able to mobilise and deploy expertise where and when needed, and in a compliant manner,” he added.

With the increasing investment into Africa by multinational companies, the need for movement of professional workers has been on the rise, and the firm has supported this in Sub-Saharan Africa through its offices in Nairobi, Kenya and Johannesburg, South Africa.

During the event, the firm led industry peers in a discussion on the status of business migration in light of all the global developments taking place including the recently launched African Continental Free Trade Area. Participants heard that the outlook for the industry will remain uncertain owing to the various push and pull factors that impact mobility, a situation that calls for industry leaders and employers to be well-informed and equipped to be able to steer their organisations through these changes.
“Immigration in the 21st century is a moving target. It is both complex and diverse as countries grapple with their unique situations. While globalization comes with tremendous advantages, managing migration in the modern world poses a big challenge to states. Consequently we have seen a rise in protectionist immigration regimes around the world and for different reasons but top on the list is national security and jobs protection for locals.

At Fragomen, we will continue to rely on our wide expertise, local and global knowledge of the imimgration industry and cutting edge technology to offer unrivalled immigration solutions to our clients to enable them move with ease despite these dynamics in the immigration landscapes,” said George Mucee, Practice Leader for Fragomen in Kenya.

At the same time, Fragomen also referenced highlights from its 2019 Worldwide Immigration Trends Report which features a detailed global analysis of current and emerging immigration trends and patterns in Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and North America.

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