Twitter has suspended blogger Cyprian Nyakundi’s twitter account for violating its rules. It is alleged that Nyakundi’s account was suspended after posting a nude photo of Radio Africa Managing Director Martin Khafafa photo alongside two unknown ladies in a bathroom.
It is understood that Khafafa reported the account to the support team who acted immediately. However, netizens have expressed their concern on why the blogger is continuously gagged by all means. Using the hashtag #BringBackNyakundi, most Twitter users are against the action and want his account reinstated.
In the past months, Nyakundi has been a frequent visitor to the director of criminal investigations offices (DCI) for “attacking” some leaders using his Facebook and Twitter accounts. Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru and his Nairobi counterpart Mike Sonko were among the leaders who reported their complaints to DCI.
He was also arraigned in court for exposing how the National Intelligence Service (NIS) allegedly taps voice calls. The prosecution said this amounted to hate speech.
Nyakundi alias the boy child president lost a significant number of followers following a Twitter purge alongside other Twitter bigwigs like President Uhuru Kenyatta and former US president Barrack Obama.
For now, his account remains suspended with no communication from the support team.

By Henix

Multimedia journalist

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