The ministry of health has refuted claims that Kenya is on the flattening curve on the Covid19 pandemic.

Speaking at a briefing on the status of the deadly pandemic in the country, health CAS Dr. Rashid Aman on Tuesday Said Kenya was recording the low numbers due to the face that the testing reagents were not enough in the country.

“It is hard to tell whether Kenya is on the flattening curve, as you have seen in the previous days, our numbers have been low,” Said DR. Aman insisting there re many other factors that determine whether on not a country has combated the spread of the disease.

Kenya on Sunday recorded 271 cases, on Monday 245 and Tuesday (Today) 271 cases of Novel Corona Virus.

Dr. Aman also noted a rise in people with no underlying conditions succumbing to Covid19.

“Young healthy people without underlying conditions also succumb to this disease. Young people need to stop the reckless behavior so that we can control the disease”

By By Faith Kivuli

Multimedia journalist

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