By Henix Obuchunju

French firm Tech Care For All (TC4A) has launched its operations in East Africa to be headquartered in Nairobi.

The company, which is registered in Belgium, has over the last two months entered the Indian and West African markets and aims to improve digital health innovations in Kenya.

The firm focuses on improving health outcomes through leveraging on technology.

Emmanuel Blin, TC4A founder and chief executive, hailed Kenya for its leadership in harnessing the power of digital technology.

He said the use of technology  in the financial services sector and the country’s dynamic entrepreneurial culture determined their choice of Nairobi.

“We chose Kenya because of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big Four Agenda that has Universal Health Coverage as a key priority,” Blin said.

“There is also a great digital health ecosystem here. We are excited to be creating direct and indirect jobs in the Kenyan market.”

The firm has partnered with Savannah Informatics Limited,a  Kenyan  e-Health software company that seeks  to deliver interoperable, connected solutions for healthcare facilities, organizations and regions.

Benson Chuma,Savannah Information Limited C.E.O , assured  all stakeholders  that this will be a solution to some of problems facing the health sector in Kenya

The move comes as Kenya is set to join the world in marking world health universal day on 12th December in celebrating  the steps made in its health sector.



By Henix

Multimedia journalist

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