Unencumbered by other people’s opinions, TV girl Betty Kyalo has taken the fight to her former employer’s door by planning to air a show she hosted at K24.

Up-close was a segment aired at K24 when Betty hosted the Weekend edition, a news program.

Betty Kyallo Sina nguvu sina uwezo niko na Upclose

Aware of the fact that she was the face of the piece, the former KTN anchor has taken the bold decision to re-brand it by airing it on her YouTube channel. She has made the revelation on Instagram.

Upclose with betty, getting to know Betty Kyallo better

A past photo of Comedian Jalang’o when he  hosted Betty Kyallo on Upclose (Photo Courtesy)

“#Bettykyallolately takes a short break from tonight for a week as we shoot your All time favorite feature #Upclose with BK! It’s going to be great! It’s going to be lit as it was on TV! BK loves you! Don’t worry. I’m out here grinding for you. TV was my first love.” She announced.

The former KTN presenter was credited for transforming the interview format on her Friday Upclose and Personal show from a boring talking head show to a fun and engaging segment.

Critics were however not satisfied by her entry at K24 as many viewers opted to watch the show on youtube when it was aired later.

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