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Valentine has come too early for Ayub Muthee, a resident of Meru, after winning 432,000 on OdiBets.

Ayub, who works as pump attendant at a local station managed the amount after his careful selection of 23 teams which according to him, was a sure bet.

His win comes as the government is under pressure to ban commercial sports betting in Kenya. 

Kenya Film Classification Board CEO Ezekial Mutua, a proponent of that thought ,insists betting should not be the yardstick for elevation as only poor countries do that.

Ezekiel Mutua’s thoughts on betting

Recently, Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni ordered his government not to issue or renew licenses for sports betting firms.

President Museveni issued the directive because of the negative impact the betting craze has had on young people

A research conducted in 2016 by Dr Rachel Koross from the University of Eldoret and published in the International Journal of Liberal Arts and Social Science, suggests that 78 per cent of university students are actively involved in gambling with effects being financial harm, relationship conflict, criminal activity, emotional and psychological distress.

In Africa, countries like Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria are some of the hotbeds of sports betting. Ghana is already getting concerned about betting addiction among the youth.

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