Letoya Johnston, initially male, who changed his gender to female now claims she is broke.

According to a long Instagram post on her timeline. Letoya admits she is from a humble background and would love her fans to know that

Below is the post

“As a child I never grew up with so much. While growing up, I never had much either. I have never in my life been a millionaire neither have I spent millions of money to change to become a woman. 

It is so unfortunate that I was NEVER BORN A WOMAN. I was born A MAN. ( HE, HIM, HIS, SIR) .I just feel like one and for that reason I do believe I am a woman. 
I am not here to confuse people or make them believe that I have so much money. That is not true my people. I am broke. I am just surviving. Don’t mistake my life style with riches. It is not true. Sometimes I honestly go without food in this Nairobi. 
I know most of you see me around top celebrities, flying and dining and running around those those beautiful hotels and amazing kitchens.

Some celebrities sometimes doesn’t pay you the money after you have worked for them. It is just because I keep quiet . PEACE is better than war. 
For those hotels, it is work that takes me there.

I am a millennial and so I will take beautiful pictures and videos to make my Instagram look good. It’s just for memories of places I have been to because of my work. 

I am not here to lie to the youths. I am here for pure honesty. If you are a person who receives things from celebrities for free, they will use it against you during a disagreement.

I learned this the hard way.! I decided to never let someone else’s riches, fame, status in life, wealth or standards interfere with my own life. I know who I am. 
I must start by being honest with myself before I lie to the mass out here. I am extremely broke. I don’t have money and my bank account is closed down. I am surviving from hand to mouth. Just like any other poor Kenyan In the village.

You see this picture here, that is how my house looks like. It is my home. It is what I show off on social media. This is what I am proud of. Things will change I know but before that, this is the current situation. It humbles me to tell my thousands of followers who I truly am.

Let us all keep working hard young generation . It is through hard work that we move out from conditions that I am in right now. 
Xo Xo 
Toy Toy baby – Love. “

By Henix

Multimedia journalist

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