Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras continue to give hope to a Nairobi based poultry farmer whose venture had begun with two chicken at a landlord’s balcony.

Okute Jakababa, a resident of Kabiria in Dagoretti, has experienced a boost in his lucrative daily hustle after installing CCTV cameras at his poultry house.

 “I decided to install CCTV cameras so I can monitor my chicken when am not around. The CCTV has helped for me to trace them to the neighborhoods,” Mr Okute explains.

Mr Okute has configured the CCTV with his mobile phone, thus he is able to monitor every movement of his chicken and any theft attempts.

“When I moved here I started keeping four chicken. However, two months later I discovered they were disappearing into the neighborhoods and I couldn’t trace them,” he added.

Now, the Maseno University Information Technology graduate stays in a rental house.In the beginning, he used the balcony space as a start-up premise with only two but now rears over 90 chicken, and for that he is forever grateful to the Landlord for not tampering with him.

Starting up with two chickens, he often faced challenges of losing them whenever they step out of the compound.

But with unprecedented levels of unemployment in the country, he says, the Landlord gave him a nod to use the balcony space if it could solve the unemployment mess.

The father of two, maintains a good relationship with grocers and is able to get chicken food such as over ripe tomatoes and vegetables, thus making production in his farm easier.

By By Fridah Vihenda

Multimedia journalist

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