A middle aged man battered and buried his wife in a pit latrine in Mwamonari village, Kitutu Chache North Constituency,Kisii county.

The culprit, famously known as Morara Oroba is in police custody even as residents continue to Bay for his life. It is not clear why the suspect killed Jesca Moraa, his wife. Relatives are yet to come to terms with what has befallen them.

Caption: Residents at the home of the suspect

A female close relative narrated the man with whom she lived in his house, had butchered her sister,Jesca Moraa, last week and left her for nothingness.

Soon afterwards, the furious suspect then ordered them to go fetch water and used the opportunity to bury his wife.When asked where the wife had disappeared to, the man reportedly said that he had taken her to the hospital.

At his home the old pit latrine had  been heaped with fresh soil and a new latrine dug.Police have since exhumed the body. and taken it to the morgue as investigations start

caption:Body of Jesca Moraa being loaded to a police land-rover

Like a scripted play, cases of homicide have flooded Kenyan news lately – they only differ on who the victims are and how they are executed.


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