By Henix Obuchunju and Josiah Odanga

Few days ago, the country woke up to news of a deadly disease, worse than HIV/ AIDS and cancer, leave alone diarrhea that can finish you in a span of two to three days.

If the news running on various media outlets was anything to go by, then the country was facing a disease that needed Christ to cure it.

It was alleged that people died of it within a week while others insinuating that it originated from Congo through Uganda. According to posts on a famous Migori County facebook page, A certain Ohangla Musician brought the curse to Migori .His latest performance at Mosoro Center in Migori county saw him importing more than 10 beautiful prostitutes from Uganda to grace his show.

According to the facebook post, their bills were all catered for .in fact, they never got charged. Moneyed brothers from Migori booked them as quickly as a cock on a hen.

“The next day Mafisi walianza complains about a strange illness plus those who used a condom. That is how the disease got the name JAKADALA, BE WELL INFORMED TOTO.”

 Said the post.

A smart journalist in south Nyanza (name withheld) notes that journalists too were carried by the rumors and they owe the public an apology. For instance, how do you explain a situation where a leading radio station in the country having jakadala as their topic of discussion in the morning show?

Leave alone not having facts, couldn’t they invite a medic to inform the public on the same? Then you wonder why people call us “Githeri Media.”

Penile Cancer

 Speaking on Wednesday while dismissing the jakadala claims, Migori county health executive Isca Oluoch said the disease is a hoax as Jakadala doesn’t exist.

She however noted that a single cause of penile cancer reported in Migori county had been referred to Eldoret.

Image result for migori county health cec

The patient has had the disease for the past five years.” — Dr Iscah Oluoch, Migori County Executive Committee Member for Health

Penile cancer is rare but it can be treated, especially if it’s found early on.

Experts don’t know exactly what causes this disease.

Not being circumcised may make it more likely. If bodily fluids get trapped in the foreskin and aren’t washed away, they may contribute to the growth of cancer cells.

Some research suggests that men who are exposed to certain strains of HPV (human papillomavirus) may also be more likely to get penile cancer.

This type of cancer is more common in men over age 60, in smokers, and in those who have a weakened immune system


Changes in the penis skin are the most common symptom of penile cancer. They can show up on the foreskin of uncircumcised men, or on the penis tip (the glans) or shaft.

Warning signs of the disease can include:

  • Changes in thickness or color of skin on the penis
  • A lump on it
  • A rash or small “crusty” bumps on it; it can look like an unhealed scab.
  • Growths on the penis that look bluish-brown
  • Smelly discharge underneath the foreskin
  • A sore on the penis, which may be bleeding
  • Swelling at the end of the penis
  • Lumps under the skin in the groin area

Most men with these symptoms don’t have penile cancer. Instead, it’s an infection or an allergic reaction Even so, it’s important to get any unusual symptoms on or near your penis checked out right away. Early treatment is best.

Don’t be cheated , Nothing like Jakadala. The video circulating was an ‘archives’ thing.The video was first uploaded on the internet in 2016

By Henix

Multimedia journalist

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