Deputy President William Ruto has hit back at Raila  who on Saturday  questioned  the source of money he used to buy a car donated to Kisumu Catholic Archbishop Philip Anyolo.

Through his twitter account, Ruto  has hinted that the car was bought after contributions from him and President Uhuru Kenyatta after a  request of the chair of Catholic legislators.

DP Ruto’s tweet

Mr Odinga said the church rejected the vehicle because it was bought using ‘dirty money’.

“The Pope insisted that the vehicle be returned. We should stand for the truth,” he said during the funeral of former Chief Daudi Owino Olak in Lifunga Kobiero village, Ugenya Sub-County.

Ruto’s tweet has however ignited online fireworks with social media users criticizing and praising him on equal measure

By Henix Obuchunju

By Henix

Multimedia journalist

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