1. Cheating its too easy, we need to take up bigger challenges like being faithful.

2. Be a brother’s keeper. We are going for success and we are leaving no man behind.

3. No coveting another man’s wife or girlfriend.

4. Respect and honour one another at all times no matter your position in life.
5. Always be on time, keep your word and promises.

6. Never leave the woman who was part of your struggles for a Slay Queen.

7. Keep off lazy women and manipulative women

8. Men should be led by God before they lead their homes.

9. Before you love someone’s daughter, fall in love with God first.

10. Take your commitments seriously. No man should misappropriate

money, funds, or property that belong to another man or his family.

11. Men should have the collective responsibility to take care of widows and orphans.

10. No giving money to a woman other than your lawful wife or engaged or confirmed girlfriend, sister, mother or cousin. 

11. No wasting money impressing Slay Queens. Every time you are about to spend on a Slay Queen, even if its a cup of coffee, go and buy a bag of cement or a lorry of sand first.

12 . Lay down your standards and look for a woman who can fit or meet those standards. No wasting time on dates, state your case and be frank. If she can’t meet those standards find the person that will.


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